Mobile Communication is Driving Technological Innovation

For the last 36 years, mobile communication has taken the world by storm. As the epicenter for modern communication, mobile has created a new standard for communication, whether it’s person-to-person or person-to-application. Mobile has truly ushered in a new era where everyone expects a highly contextualized and personal experience that grants access to instantaneous information.

In order to keep up with these consumer expectations, mobile has become the primary incubator for emerging technologies and the de facto, device agnostic operating system to manage all aspects of communication. As the power of mobile continues to bring emerging technology to consumers, its ability to integrate the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR), Blockchain5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI), will push society into the next generation of connectivity and communication

Industry 4.0: The Confluence of IoT and Mobile Communication

Industry 4.0 is underway, causing the supply and delivery chain to go through an unparalleled evolution. As a term that references the fourth phase of industrial innovation, Industry 4.0 has created an increased level of automation in the manufacturing industry. From changes with how goods are ordered and distributed to the growth of autonomous decision-making, the state of the logistics industry is changing drastically.

The key to staying competitive in this new era of innovation is the confluence of IoT and mobile. With IoT’s ability to combine data generation with connected devices, manufacturers can mine through more data than ever before. By combining that data generation with mobile’s ability to provide networks, mobile and IoT will enable increased visibility within the manufacturing market. For example, connected devices utilizing mobile’s network capability will allow facility managers to not only communicate with their employees, but also with machines. From automatic machine monitoring that alerts when equipment needs maintenance to the ability to track the status of a machine’s core infrastructure, such as buildings and bridges, within a project, mobile gives managers all the information they need at their fingertips.

In an era where manufacturing continues to undergo massive digital transformation, mobile allows manufacturers to rethink how they operate and communicate internally. Creating a system where managers and employees can access information with ease will allow mobile to work with factories to harness the power of emerging technology to increase efficiency and productivity.

Digital Trust Fueled by Mobile Communication – Security, Encryption, Regulations, Blockchain

As the world becomes more mobile-dependent, businesses are coming to the realization that digital trust is key to a successful enterprise. According to The Global State of Online Trust, digital trust leads to businesses seeing a 53 percent increase in customer spending. With connectivity playing a role in daily business operations and data breaches now a regular occurrence, innovation in mobile security is just as important as it is in an enterprise’s products or services.

In this mobile-centric world, engineers are being pushed to create new methods of security and encryption to lock down mobile-enabled technologies and instill digital trust. Encryption is the first step in creating a safe and secure environment for both consumers and businesses, especially when dealing in heavily regulated industries such as finance, medicine, and law. For example, in order for medical professionals to share sensitive patient information while on the go, mobile messaging apps must be in compliance with HIPAA communication regulations, so medical information is not as subject to data breach. While not required by every industry, end-to-end encryption within mobile messaging is essential for any business that wants to add an extra layer of protection to sensitive information.

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