Employees Would Use a Company-Issued Secure Business Messaging Tool If Offered

Consumer messaging software continues to be widely used by enterprise employees, yet many would flock to an enterprise version of such a secure business messaging tool, if it were available, according to a report released by Infinite Convergence Solutions.

The research, which polled 500 employees across four industry verticals – healthcare, legal, finance, and retail – found 44% of employees regularly use mobile messaging throughout the workday, while only 17% in comparison uses an internal-company created messaging app most frequently.

A whopping 92% of respondents in healthcare say they would use a company-approved, organisation-wide secure business messaging tool if their company decided to implement one, yet only 24% said it was in place at their organisation. Only 13% of respondents in the legal industry say their company prohibits third-party messaging apps, while two thirds (67%) in finance said a sanctioned messaging platform would make their job easier.

In retail, it was a slightly different story: almost half (46%) said their company has an official mobile messaging platform; of that number, a quarter (25%) say it is Skype, compared with Google Chat (16%) and Facebook Messenger (13%) respectively.

“Our study suggests that employees are increasingly using mobile messaging to communicate at work, but they’re receiving mixed signals on the dangers associated with third-party messaging apps,” said Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence in a statement. “Many of them are aware that consumer apps are not secure, but their employers are not providing an official, compliant platform for their use.”

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