OTT Platform Partner

Latch loves partnerships. If you are a business with a large community that needs customised functionality, such as an OTT platform, or a specific problem solved, then contact us.

White Label

Do you have a large customer base or community that will benefit from having their own version of the Latch OTT platform? Brand your own version of Latch Secure Business messenger under a revenue share agreement with a dedicated support team.

Create Your Own OTT Platform

Create your own Telco, Social Media or IM business with complete access to source code and powerful API’s. Easily customise, extend or add your own functionality, whether you are a large organisation such as a bank or government, or whether you are a smaller business or entrepreneur. Host your infrastructure through a private cloud or make use of your own servers at your premises for extra security. Our efficient, professional service will help you get started and provide you with continued support.

Mobile Operators, Telco’s and OTT Providers

Operators can create an OTT brand that supports their Enterprise products by bundling voice and data into the app, or enhancing enterprise networks through SIP / PBX integration. Latch can be deployed on an operators own infrastructure in 4 weeks, complete with SDK’s, access to source code and the ability to develop and grow your own platform.

Operators are uniquely positioned to generate revenues in countries where they do not operate networks.

Premium Channels

Do you own or have access to a large community that requires customised functionality that cannot be achieved through existing platforms?Talk to us about building something better, together. We will help your achieve you objective.

3rd Party Developers

Create plugins & Integrations – get your developers to help build custom plugins for your channels using HTML5 or JavaScript frameworks.