Powerful tools


Latch channels is your all in one hub for collaboration. You can now create secure channels to have specific people share their ideas, have focused discussions or perhaps a public channel to let your teammates easily discover and join meaningful conversations. However, the real power in the channels lie in the tools they provide, like task management, reminders, document discovery etc.


Take your communication to the next level by eliminating the influx of emails. Simply create specific channels to discuss various topics or projects. Create actions, tasks, agendas, reminders, events, polls and notes. Easily view the status of a channel through a dashboard summary to find relevant docs, task status, and general overview, all in one place.


Disseminate news content on specific topics, like an Instagram or Facebook feed,  but to a closed user group.


Create a generic channel to have allow open discussions on a related topic or issue, if you are expecting an influx of comments. These channels are used when a group chat is insufficient in terms of organizing information and media attachments, or if you want to avoid a constant stream of pings from a group chat.